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Following George Clayton Johnson around San Diego Comic Fest

George Clayton Johnson walks around San Diego's Town and Country Resort surrounded by a mini-entourage of old friends, admirers and family. He's sporting a poofy vest similar in style to the "life preserver" Marty McFly wore in "Back to the Future." The 83-year-old Johnson says he never worked a 9-to-5 job. Instead, he co-authored "Logan's Run" and penned the first episode of "Star Trek," among countless other artistic pursuits...
The Daily Aztec

Child care threatened by budget cuts

The San Diego State Children’s Center could face between $360,000 to $390,000 in statewide budget cuts beginning in November. The approved budget for the fiscal year 2012-13 recommends deep cuts across the board to all General Fund child care programs by a total of $50 million in an attempt to close the $15.7 billion budget gap, according to the California Child Development Administrators Association.
SDSU JMS Reports

Precious Cosplay shares cosplay tips at Anime Conji 2013

Crystal Graziano, AKA "Precious Cosplay," has been cosplaying for eight years. The 23-year-old designs, makes and models her own costumes. At San Diego's Anime Conji 2013, a Japanese animation-centric convention, Graziano spoke at a few how-to cosplay panels. She gave tips on how to make costumes look less "costumey" by picking thick fabrics and wearing wigs, instead of purchasing thin materials that look like Halloween costumes.
North Coast Current

Golden plates: Car buffs laud plan to bring back iconic colors

Classic car owners generally have a few things in common. Aside from a love of an era of cars when baby boomers were still babies, enthusiasts typically have money to spend and time to restore their classic models to a “T.” But there’s one thing they don’t have in common. Not all classic car owners can buy the original license plates. The look, for some, isn’t complete without a nod to the black on yellow, yellow on black or yellow on blue plates. Not anymore if Gov. Jerry Brown signs AB 1658,
The Daily Aztec

Lecture series speaker questioned by student orgs

A letter addressed to San Diego State Provost Nancy Marlin criticized the invitation of political science professor Norman Finkelstein to speak at a lecture series about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. In the letter, representatives of Aztecs for Israel, the Jewish Student Union and Alpha Epsilon Pi questioned Finkelstein’s credibility.
The Daily Aztec

Korea’s Big Bang lights up the Honda Center

One of K-pop’s biggest boy bands, Big Bang, made its debut performance in California on Friday at the Honda Center in Anaheim. About 12,000 fans shelled out anywhere from $40 to $300 to see G-Dragon and his posse of K-poppers at Big Bang’s Alive Galaxy Tour 2012. Big Bang is part of the new wave of Korean pop music sweeping Asia. Despite never promoting in the U.S., Big Bang sold out the Honda Center, prompting the band to book an extra day, which also sold out.