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California State Universities plan budgets for the worst

The ongoing budget deficit could affect the California State University system by more than $250 million if voters don’t approve Gov. Jerry Brown’s Nov. tax initiative. The Chancellor’s Office has taken a “prudent planning approach” and will not distribute the $250 million to CSU universities, according to a recent San Diego State budget update. “The idea is we won’t know the outcome of that obviously until November, yet we have to budget for the year,” SDSU Provost Nancy Marlin said. Because
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KSDS deejay resigns after 23 years

It’s 9:55 p.m. on Wednesday Sept. 30; Leo Cates arrives to San Diego City College in his 1964 Ford Mustang aka “The Jazz Mobile.” The thin-framed seasoned senior citizen steps out of his car in sweats, sandals and a blue Jazz 88.3 T-shirt. With a memorized set list and minimal preparation, the comfortable looking Jazz 88.3 deejay has five minutes before his “Late Evening Jazz” show. For the past 23-and-a-half years, his voice has graced Jazz 88.3’s airwaves. This will be his last show.
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Street Scene: less sound, more scene

San Diego’s 25th annual Street Scene, which recently reclaimed its rightful place in the checkerboard streets of downtown, was less sound, more scene. The two-day music festival, which took place on Aug 28 and 29, had a sleepy tone Friday as gaps between bands’ sets left wandering concertgoers sound-seeking and sun-screening. It wasn’t until the brink of dusk when music began pulsating from every direction. Unfortunately, sound problems proved a recurring theme as several bands’ music cut out
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Indie tunes give heartbreak a bounce

Movie Review: Like many offbeat, independent romantic comedies this decade, "500 Days of Summer" is an interesting blend of conventional plot elements with unconventional storytelling. It follows two people, one girl and one boy. In typical fashion, boy falls in love with girl. Girl dumps boy. Boy sulks, moping around like a pathetic, lovesick fool who feels like his heart got run over by a semi-truck and splattered across the freeway.
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4th annual May Day march draws 300 protesters

Nearly 300 people rallied on City College’s campus before beginning the 1.4-mile Immigrants Rights March to Chicano Park on May 1. The fourth annual May Day reform march included community members from 25-30 ethnically-blended organizations, a bulk being Mexican. Their goal was legalization and the right to migrate, an end to immigration raids, dignified work for all and an end to wasteful spending on border fences. “Si se puede! Stop the raids now!” was just one of the many chants heard...
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A morbid view of the recession and life

What happens when eighteen to twenty-something year-old students mix the economy, politics, school, bills, “boozin'” and sex? In some cases, you get sexual entrepreneurs who capitalize on nice smiles and tight bodies, leaving the mass rank and filers to compete for the scarce amount of “outliers,” that is to say, the “hard-to-gets” or the “rolly” back-pack types, or those who rationalize the opportunity cost of substituting groceries for cheap beer.
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Here comes ‘The Panic’

Summer’s over, and I’ve stored enough wild memories in three months to span a year. I’m ready for school, but I can’t help but feel an inward panic writhing inside my bowels, destined to get cut loose by a simple irrational trigger, like a stolen parking spot. That’s when I’ll likely go crazy on a fellow. I’ll end up yelling something that doesn’t make sense, like, “You’re ruining my life you PARKING SPOT FIEND,” flicking my cigarette at his feet as he steps out of his car, and then speeding off...